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MACH EMCR Grant Writing Webinar Series

MACH is pleased to present a three-part webinar series focused on grant writing tailored specifically for MACH partner early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs). The series will be conducted by experts from the GrantEd Group team from July-September 2022.

Seminar 1: Defining significant research needs and knowledge gaps and their relationship to impact

Presenter: GrantEd Group 

WHERE: Online
WHEN: Wednesday 20th July 2022 12:30-1:30pm

MACH Navigating Implementation Science series

De-implementing low value health care – harnessing evidence and the electronic medical record

This webinar continues the Navigating Implementation Science series that aims to help researchers develop an understanding of implementation science in practice. Each seminar has a theoretical component plus practical examples from a clinician researcher. A panel session allows for interactive discussion.

Presenters: Associate Professor Denise O’Connor (Monash University, Cabrini Health) and Dr Joanna Lawrence (Royal Children’s Hospital). Chaired by Peter Larsen (Centre for Eye Research Australia).

WHERE: Online
WHEN: Thursday 21st July 2022 12:30-1:30pm

MACH Engaging Diverse Communities in Clinical Research Webinar

Join researchers and community members from across the MACH network at this webinar exploring how to effectively engage with diverse populations in clinical research. 

This session is targeted at and developed with early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) and covers topics including:

  • What to consider when planning and undertaking your research
  • Building trust
  • Consent processes
  • Ensuring cultural appropriateness
  • Communicating with the community

WHERE: Online
WHEN: Wednesday 27th July 2022 3:00-5:00pm

MACH Multi-Omics in Action Webinar

This webinar will showcase an exciting multi-omic and multi-institutional approach to addressing rare disease, cancer and infectious disease from leading MACH partner researchers. Hosted by the MACH Omics group, the seminar will also provide an overview of multi-omic activity including the MACH Omics Resource Directory. A panel session allows for interactive discussion.

Presenters: Associate Professor Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat (WEHI), Associate Professor Sarah Dunstan (Doherty Institute), Professor David Thorburn (MCRI). Chaired by Associate Professor Kaylene Simpson.

WHERE: Online
WHEN: Friday 19th August 2022 11:30am-1:00pm

MACH EMCR Research Design Webinar Series

MACH is pleased to present a four-part webinar series exploring research design tailored specifically for early and mid-career researchers. The series will be conducted by experts from the University of Melbourne’s Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health research Hub (MISCH) team from February-June 2022.

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V-CTEC Launch Webinar

Join us to hear about this new online platform to revolutionise clinical trials education and training. V-CTEC will enable those involved in clinical trials across Victoria access to high quality, world class training at no cost to the end user.

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Victorian Falls Prevention Alliance Annual Workshop – Guiding the way: Education & guidelines for prevention of hospital falls

MACH, Monash Partners and Western Alliance welcome you to this networking event to update you with the latest in falls prevention interventions.

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MACH Implementation Science Seminar Series

A three-part series aimed at developing clinician researcher understanding of implementation science. Each seminar included a theoretical component, followed by practical examples from a clinician researcher. Recordings and presentations slides are available.

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MACH Consumer Engagement Webinar

MACH hosted a webinar targeted at early and mid-career researchers exploring why, what, when, how and where of consumer engagement in research. Consumers and researchers from across the MACH network shared their experiences of the value of consumer engagement.

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