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Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

Falls are a leading cause of harm across the continuum of care. Falls are particularly challenging in the hospital setting where they are the most frequent clinical risk in patient care. To date, there is a variable evidence base supporting commonly used strategies to prevent falls. There is also variability between health services as to what strategies are utilised for the prevention of falls.

The purpose of the Falls Prevention Alliance is to work collaboratively to reduce falls and falls injuries in hospitals. This work is overseen by a committee made up of researchers, clinicians and consumers.

Drawing on research and clinical expertise across the Research Translation Centres, a state-wide Falls Workshop was held in April 2021 to explore current evidence, challenges and future directions. A further Workshop was held on May 6 2022 and recording of the event can be seen below.

You can find out more about the Alliance activities via our newsletters (see the Media & Resources tab).

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Mr Drew Aras Western Alliance Full bio
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Prof Gustavo Duque Western Health, University of Melbourne Full bio
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Prof Keith Hill Monash University Full bio
Prof Alison Hutchinson Deakin University Full bio
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A/Prof Cathy Said University of Melbourne, Western Health Full bio


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