Dr Gaya St George


A Community of Practice (CoP) presents a range of valuable opportunities for its members. It serves as a platform for fostering connections and cultivating relationships among professionals within a specific domain. Through collaboration and the exchange of information, CoP members can collectively enhance their knowledge and practices. By identifying and leveraging the diverse strengths of individuals from the VCCC Alliance and MACH partners, the CoP encourages collaboration and synergy.

The CoP acts as a conduit for dialogue with funding agencies, allowing members to explore potential financial support for their initiatives, and aids in developing strategies to consistently gather and share case studies, effectively demonstrating the tangible value and impact. In essence, the CoP offers a dynamic space for networking, collaboration, and growth, enabling researchers to collectively engage in consumer involvement.

Membership comprises of Managers or equivalent positions directly involved with consumer engagement from VCCC-MACH organisations. The CoP:

  • acts as a vehicle to build capacity for Consumer Engagement Managers and equivalent roles directly supporting consumers and researchers
  • identifies areas for improvement
  • facilitates strategies for effective and meaningful engagement