The Infection Committee is responsible for increasing the capacity for high quality medical research in infectious diseases across the MACH network. This includes multi-site observational studies, investigator-initiated trials, industry sponsored trials, and health services research interventions. The committee will also develop capacity among community-based research sites, identifying priority areas for research and implement strategies to achieve these and providing training opportunities in clinical research for medical, nursing, and allied health staff.


Professor Steven Tong

Peter Doherty Institute, Royal Melbourne Hospital


Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

Priorities of the Infection Committee include:

  • Setting vision and strategy for areas of research priorities for the MACH ID partners
  • Assessing and prioritising proposals for multi-site research studies
  • Facilitating ethical and governance approval within the MACH ID network
  • Building interest and capacity among advanced trainees from the specialist medical colleges, notably among ID trainees, for their projects to be multi-site research studies
  • Facilitating the sharing of resources, including documents, standards of practice, and databases
  • Increasing the number and quality of investigator-led studies in the MACH ID network
  • Supporting and collaborating with MACH infectious disease STEM researchers to extend, develop and implement the best methods in health/clinical research and policy
  • Facilitating MACH ID involvement in the Australasian Society of Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Network studies
  • Advocating for MACH ID involvement in industry sponsored studies
  • Increasing awareness of funding mechanisms to support ID related studies and fellows
  • Developing pathways and mentorship for clinician researchers at MACH ID partners
  • Working with Monash partners and Australian Health Research Alliance to influence infectious diseases clinical research policy at a state and federal level
  • Working with other MACH subcommittees on collaborative research opportunities.

Name: Affiliations: Bio:
Associate Professor Craig Aboltins Northern Health
Dr Ruby Biezen University of Melbourne
Dr Gabrielle Haeusler Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Professor Sharon Lewin AO Peter Doherty Institute
Jillian Macloy Consumer Representative
Associate Professor Siddhartha Mahanty Peter Doherty Institute
Associate Professor Jeff Presneill Royal Melbourne Hospital
Dr David Price Peter Doherty Institute
Ms Barbara Scher Peter Doherty Institute
Professor Meredith Temple-Smith University of Melbourne
Professor Steven Tong Peter Doherty Institute, Royal Melbourne Hospital
Associate Professor Jason Trubiano Austin Health
Professor Kumar Visvanathan St Vincent's Hospital
Professor Deborah Williamson Peter Doherty Institute