The Australian healthcare system is one of the best in the world.

We think it can be even better.

At MACH, our job is to make sure that the clinicians taking care of you in hospital and at your GP’s office can work with scientists in universities and medical research institutes to deliver better care to more patients, using the most targeted, evidence-based research findings available.

We do that by bringing experts and healthcare consumers together across important research themes, supporting translational research, and building capacity across the MACH partnership – all the while strengthening the economy with wealth gained from healthcare cost savings and the development of new technologies.

Our Work

As an NHMRC-accredited joint venture between Victoria’s top healthcare providers, medical research institutes and leading universities, MACH’s purpose is to facilitate collaboration between academia and healthcare to accelerate the translation of innovative research into clinical care and better patient outcomes.

Hear from our experts about what makes successful translational research.