Professor Enzo Porrello

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Professor Christine Wells

The University of Melbourne


Lauren Wallis


Responsibilities of the group include:

  • Advising the MACH STRaP committee and on gene, cell, and gene modified cell therapy strategy and priorities as required
  • Building capacity and capability in gene, cell and gene modified cell therapy development and delivery across MACH partners through:
  1. Acting as a collaborative voice across MACH and advocating internally and externally as required
  2. Leading activities across MACH partners in areas identified as priority
  3. Working with other MACH networks on collaborative opportunities
  4. Facilitating sharing of relevant knowledge and resources between MACH partners


The committee will focus activity on the following recommendations from a 2022 MACH-led scoping process:

  1. Drive statewide engagement in infrastructure needs
  2. Develop a series of case studies to demonstrate gaps and needs in Victoria
  3. Drive statewide engagement in workforce opportunities

Name: Affiliations: Bio:
Chris Alma CSL Ltd
Associate Professor Rachel Conyers Royal Children's Hospital
Associate Professor Andrew Deans St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research
Dr Doron Hickey Centre for Eye Research Australia
Dr Jennifer Hollands Cell Therapies Pty Ltd
Dr Conor Kearney Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute
Dr Tanya Medley Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Associate Profesor Jane Oliaro Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Professor Clare Parish The Florey Institute
Professor Enzo Porrello Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Professor Helen Thomas St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research
Professor Christine Wells The University of Melbourne