• Cell and Gene Therapies

    The Cell and Gene Therapies committee brings together experts and provides a forum for engagement, knowledge exchange and activity directed towards increasing capacity and capabilities in gene, cell, and gene modified cell therapy development and delivery across MACH partners and beyond.
  • Clinical Trials Facilitation

    The Clinical Trials and Research Facilitation Committee facilitates support to increase capacity for high quality clinical trials across the MACH network.
  • Data-Driven Healthcare Improvement

    Data Driven Healthcare Improvement aims to align aspects of data use and governance across MACH partners. The committee supports and facilitates collaborative activities across community, primary, secondary and tertiary care, and fosters knowledge transfer capability and workforce training using leading methodologies.
  • Health Services Improvement and Implementation

    This committee promotes engagement and funding opportunities for Health Services Improvement and Implementation research across MACH, including the community, primary, secondary and tertiary care sectors.
  • MACH Omics

    The MACH Omics group aims to consolidate the precinct as a multi-omics leader and precision medicine hub covering: epigenomics, genomics, metabolomics, microbiomics, lipidomics, proteomics and transcriptomics.
  • Molecular Imaging

    The role of the Molecular Imaging Committee is to facilitate support to increase capability and capacity of medical imaging for research. The committee will identify the key priorities and implement strategies to achieve these.
  • Strategic Translational Research and Platforms (STRaP) Committee

    The role of the committee is to identify strategic opportunities to develop translational research through shared strategic direction and collaboration across MACH and industry partners.