The committee’s work programs include collaboration opportunities, joint education and workforce development initiatives, and evaluation and research related to education initiatives throughout the network. 


Professor Amy Gray

Professor Elizabeth Molloy


Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

The committee’s principal goals are to:

  • Identify education priorities for the health workforce that should be addressed collectively across the MACH
  • Identify opportunities for academic leadership on education within the MACH
  • Develop a strategic framework for education and workforce planning across the MACH
  • Develop a mutual acceptance system for mandatory education and training across the MACH network
  • Identify opportunities for interprofessional education and practice across the MACH network
  • Identify and enact educational research priorities to promote consistent and effective workforce education.
  • Promote knowledge translation of health professions education research findings into practice
  • Collaborate with MACH committees where patient education is central to health outcomes.

Name: Affiliations: Bio:
Ms Shirley Burke Austin Health
Ms Keryn Bolte University of Melbourne
Ms Kylie Browne University of Melbourne
Dr Rachael Coutts Northern Health
Professor Marie Gerdtz University of Melbourne Full Bio
Professor Amy Gray Royal Children's Hospital, University of Melbourne
Dr Christopher Leung Austin Health, University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Stephen Lew Western Health, University of Melbourne
Mr Jason Micallef University of Melbourne
Professor Elizabeth Molloy University of Melbourne
Ms Robyn Peel Western Health
Associate Professor Justin Tse St Vincent’s Hospital, University of Melbourne