The Clinical Trials Committee identifies key priorities, strategies and optimum conditions to facilitate trials. The Committee works closely with the Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health research (MISCH) Hub to support investigator-initiated trials, industry sponsored trials, and hybrid variations of both. MACH’s Clinical Trials team also conducts network skills and best-practice mapping, workshop events and other training to increase capacity among members.

The MACH Clinical Trial Committee provides oversight for MACH node of the Health Studies Australian National Data Asset (HeSANDA) program to build national infrastructure to support the sharing and reuse of health research data. Further information on the MACH Clinical Trials Consortium node and the objectives of the HeSANDA initiative can be found here.
The National Clinical Trials Governance Framework Implementation Workbook can be accessed here.


Professor Andrew Davidson


Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

Priorities of the Clinical Trials Platform Committee include:

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in clinical trials across and amongst MACH partners
  • Optimising the system for ethical and governance approval within the MACH network
  • Implementing an optimal research workflow platform and, after appropriate scoping, identify the optimal clinical trial management system
  • Increasing awareness and build capacity of support services for investigator led research, including medical, nursing and allied health lead research
  • Facilitating the sharing of resources across MACH partners, including documents, SOPs, and teaching and training
  • Attracting more commercially sponsored trials to the MACH network
  • Increasing the number and quality of investigator lead trials in the MACH network
  • Working with Monash partners and Australian Health Research Alliance to influence clinical research policy at a state and federal level.

Name: Affiliations: Bio:
Dr Andrew Brockway Doherty Clinical Trials Limited
Professor Adam Deane Royal Melbourne Hospital
Professor Andrew Davidson Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital
A/Professor Patty Chondros University of Melbourne
Dr Heidi Gaulke Austin Health
Mr Bill Karanatsios Western Health
Professor Lyndell Lim Centre for Eye Research Australia
Dr Megan Robertson St Vincent’s Hospital
Professor Mark Rosenthal Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Professor Julie Simpson University of Melbourne
Professor David Story Austin Health

Widening Access to clinical trials
Pursuit magazine, May 2021, Prof David Story, Prof Robyn Woodward-Kron, Prof John Hajek, Anna Parker, Dr Tuong Phan