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Clinical Trials Facilitation

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The Investigator-Initiated Trials toolkit created by VCCC and MACH with assistance from the Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre guides researchers through the clinical trial life cycle – from idea to implementation and provides access to up-to-date information, links, downloadable resources, and process graphics. It has exemplar resources, (provided with permission from host institutions) for researchers, including non-oncology researchers, to use and adapt to meet the needs of their trial or institution.

Working groups, comprised of representatives from the VCCC and MACH member organisations, were created to review existing internal resources available for researchers. The working groups selected the exemplar resources available and with permission of the host institution, have made these resources available for all researchers (including non-oncology researchers) to use and/or adapt to meet the needs of their trial or institution.

These resources are supported with advisory guidance and links to relevant guidelines to provide researchers with a launching pad for conducting their research. You can link to the IIT Toolkit from the left-hand margin. You will find lots of information compiled under:

Roles and Responsibilities
Clinical Trial Life Cycle
Clinical Trials Budget
Risk Management
Data Management

The users were surveyed in November 2020 to ensure the content of the toolkit fulfils the needs of researchers.