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  • MACH EMCR Research Design Webinar Series

    MACH is pleased to present a four-part webinar series exploring research design tailored specifically for early and mid-career researchers. The series will be conducted by experts from the University of Melbourne’s Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health research Hub (MISCH) team from February-June 2022.

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  • MACH Consumer Engagement Webinar

    MACH is hosting a webinar targeted at early and mid-career researchers exploring why, what, when, how and where of consumer engagement in research. Join consumers and researchers from across the MACH network sharing their experiences of the value of consumer engagement.

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  • On the road to smarter stroke care

    A new generation of clot-busting medication may lead to a change in standard medical practice in stroke treatment centres around Australia, thanks to research being conducted onboard Melbourne’s specialist stroke ambulance. It is hoped the research will lead to life-changing outcomes for people with ischaemic stroke (85% of all strokes) who require a clot-busting medication ... Read more

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  • Translating research into better health care

    Professor Andrew Scott AM has dedicated his career to translating advances in molecular imaging research and targeted therapies into better care for cancer patients. Professor Scott, who is Director of Molecular Imaging and Therapy and Austin Health and Head of the Tumour Targeting Laboratory at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute balances multiple roles as ... Read more

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  • Saving Lives from Thunderstorm Asthma

    In 2016, Melbourne suffered the worst episode of thunderstorm asthma ever recorded worldwide. Emergency services were overwhelmed and 10 people died, mostly in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Professor Jo Douglass from the University of Melbourne is leading a research translation project to ensure that clinical and public health interventions are in place to avoid another deadly thunderstorm asthma event. This project – which sees scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists and consumer partners like Asthma Victoria and the National Asthma Foundation working together – aims to determine who is most at risk, monitor those at risk and track how air quality impacts them, and establish a national pollen counting capability.

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  • Three-part Implementation Science Seminar Series

    The Melbourne Academic Centre for Health is pleased to present a 3-part series aimed at helping researchers develop an understanding of implementation science. Each seminar will have a theoretical component, followed by practical examples from a clinician researcher.

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  • Applied Learning Healthcare Systems – Short course applications now open

    Do you want to learn to use health data to inform clinical practice and to design and validate digital health-enabled models of care? Apply now for the Applied Learning Healthcare Systems short course from UoM Centre for Digital Transformation of Health.

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  • 9 nodes announced for the national health studies data infrastructure

    The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) is pleased to announce the establishment of 9 initial nodes of the Health Studies Australian National Data Asset (HeSANDA) network, a nationally distributed network of health data sharing infrastructure.

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