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  • MACH welcomes Professor Shelley Dolan

    MACH is delighted to welcome Professor Shelley Dolan, CEO of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and incoming CEO of The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), to the MACH Board from June 21.  Professor Dolan succeeds outgoing RMH CEO, Professor Christine Kilpatrick AO, after five years of service on the MACH Board and six years of outstanding ... Read more

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    A two-photo collage of Professor Shelley Dolan and Professor Christine Kilpatrick, who are smiling at the camera. Professor Dolan has long blonde hair and is wearing a black cardigan and Professor Kilpatrick has short brown hair and is wearing a red jacket over a black top.
  • Future leaders of nursing and midwifery

    Our Future Leaders programs are offering rare opportunities for nurses and midwives to access dedicated research time while continuing their clinical work – driving research translation and improved patient outcomes across clinical disciplines.

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    Line drawing of two nurses in protective masks walking and talking.
  • MACH reaccredited by the NHMRC

    As announced by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) CEO Professor Anne Kelso on 5 April, the reaccreditation will enable MACH to continue its work to improve healthcare in Australia. “This endorsement is thanks to the excellent work of MACH’s partners in bringing new innovations in healthcare to the public,” says MACH Executive Director ... Read more

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  • AHRA Welcomes Health Research Translation Recommendations

    In a written response, AHRA describes the AAHMS report as “providing a vision for a health system in Australia that is at the cutting edge of health care innovation driven by health and medical research embedded within the health system.” “We strongly endorse the report recommendations to optimise the contribution that health and medical research ... Read more

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  • Increasing HSR skills at the frontline

    In 2022, our first cohort of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals commenced their MacHSR Future Leaders Fellowship journey and are now using health services research to explore evidence-based solutions to practical healthcare problems. Balancing clinical and research work Brit Gordon, Chief Allied Health Officer and MacHSR Lead at Austin Health, says the Fellowship is ... Read more

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    Head and shoulders profile shot of Harriet Hiscock.
  • Detecting and managing chronic disease early

    Chronic disease rates are on the rise and, over the last 10 years at Western Health, the care dialysis population has grown from 65 to 400. “That’s why we need people to get tested and treated early,” says Associate Professor Craig Nelson, Future Health Today co-lead and Head of Nephrology at Western Health. Statistics like ... Read more

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    Head and shoulders shot of a GP talking to a patient in a consultation room.
  • MACH Education and Workforce Symposium: Rethink, Renew, Retain

    The two-hour session, Chaired by Associate Professor Amy Gray, will include speakers from the University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, The Humour Foundation, Austin Health, Northern Health, and Western Health.

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  • My Life as a Biomedical Scientist Event

    Join experts from across MACH partners and affiliates for an afternoon discussing the various pathways to an exciting career as a biomedical scientist. Open to EMCRs from across MACH partners.

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