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  • Multi-Omics in Action – Webinar

    This webinar hosted by the MACH Omics group will showcase exciting multi-omic and multi-institutional approaches to addressing rare disease, cancer and infectious disease from leading MACH partner researchers.

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  • MACH EMCR Grant Writing Webinar Series

    MACH is pleased to present a three-part webinar series focused on grant writing tailored specifically for early and mid-career researchers (EMCRs). The series will be conducted by experts from the GrantEd Group team from July-September 2022.

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  • Engaging Diverse Communities in Clinical Research – Webinar

    Date: Wednesday 27 July, 2022 Time: 3 – 5pm Location: Online – register via Zoom Overview The webinar provides researchers with the skills and tools needed to effectively involve members of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in their research. This session is targeted at and developed with early and mid-career researchers and covers topics ... Read more

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  • Building Health Services Research expertise in front-line clinicians

    This group of front-line clinicians will use Health Services Research (HSR) to solve practical care-delivery problems impacting their health services. Throughout the 12-month program each Fellow will be released from clinical duties for one day per week to upskill in HSR through mentorship and formal training, while also working on their own research project. The ... Read more

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  • Free online education centre set to revolutionise clinical trials

    Led by the Victorian Research Translation Centres of Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre, Melbourne Academic Centre for Health and Western Alliance Academic Health Science Centre, and supported by the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre and Alfred Health, this initiative is set to transform the clinical trial ... Read more

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  • Who’s holding your ladder?

    We have a day full of amazing speakers who will be sharing their insights and wisdom on everything to do with ‘how to climb and how to hold the ladder’. Practical tips from the ‘toolbox for success’, managing career transitions, being an advocate and an ally, growing your own leadership capability- and supporting other women to ... Read more

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  • National collaboration on sharing data

    Led by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), the Health Studies Australian National Data Asset (HeSANDA) will allow health researchers to share, browse and reuse health study data that has been made available on the platform. “It’s a response to a huge challenge that all researchers face: What to do with the abundance of data ... Read more

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  • Keeping Hips on Track

    Every year around 120 children in Victoria are diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). For those with limited mobility, hip displacement can emerge as a serious medical issue. As children with CP grow, the hip joint can change shape with the ball moving out of the socket over time. If the hip joint reaches the point ... Read more

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    A child with cerebral palsy is lying on a table, while a doctor lifts his leg.