As an advisory committee to the MACH Board, the ALG informs and guides key priorities and strategies to achieve implementation of the best research evidence into health services in line with the Victorian Aboriginal community’s needs. This will be achieved through the MACH Strategy focus areas of precision care, developing efficient healthcare solutions and nurturing future health leaders.


Uncle Graham Atkinson

Community Elder

Prof Sandra Eades

The University of Melbourne


Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

The ALG will have oversight of the MACH Strategy in relation to its application to the Aboriginal community and will advise the MACH Board accordingly on issues of cultural safety, community engagement and strategic collaboration central to its consideration. MACH is also represented at the national-level Australian Health Research Alliance’s Indigenous Research Network (IRNet) and Capacity Building group by the ALG Chair, A/Prof Luke Burchill.

Priorities of the ALG include:

  • Advancing the cultural safety, quality and impact of Victorian Aboriginal healthcare and health research (particularly that arising from the MACH Network and its hospital affiliates)
  • Identifying opportunities for Aboriginal leadership, governance, capability and capacity building within health care and health research across MACH partners
  • Identifying opportunities to integrate Aboriginal priorities for health care and health research
  • Developing strong partnerships with the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA), the Indigenous Research(er) Capacity Building Network (IRNet) and the Indigenous Health Research Fund
  • Providing strategic advice to the MACH Network on Victorian Aboriginal community needs and priorities
  • Working with the other Victorian translational centres, Monash Partners and Western Alliance, and AHRA to influence Aboriginal health policy at a state and federal level.

Name: Affiliations: Bio:
Uncle Graham Atkinson Indigenous Elder Representative
Ms Bonnie Chew Austin Health
Ms Tanya Druce Western Health
Prof Sandra Eades The University of Melbourne
Ms Sharon Mongta The Royal Children's Hospital