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Dr Christopher Leung


Education and Workforce Planning

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Austin Health

Austin Health and Eastern Health, members of MACH and Monash Partners respectively, are investigating the feasibility of new e-health software that will make it easier for healthcare professionals to begin work at a new hospital.

Before starting work at any new hospital, healthcare professionals must complete mandatory training such as basic life support and hand hygiene.  If they recently completed these courses at one hospital, they may still be required to complete them again when rotating or moving to a new hospital; currently, only a few hospitals accept evidence of mandatory training from another hospital and even then, only for a very limited number of courses.

Failure to recognise prior learning between hospitals is a source of frustration for many healthcare professionals. New e-health software, called Safety and Rescue designed by Androgogic, will enable hospital administrators to search a new employee’s training history online. Whilst this may seem a logical solution, it is a ground-breaking project since hospitals in Australia are risk-averse and reluctant to share data. However, Austin Health and Eastern Health have agreed to securely share their employees’ training histories and collect data over 3 months to assess the cost-effectiveness of implementing the new software more widely.

The findings of this pilot study will demonstrate:

  • that sharing employee information between hospitals can be done securely.
  • that sharing training histories saves healthcare professionals and hospital administrators time and money.
  • that sharing training histories could potentially be expanded from two hospitals in Melbourne to all hospitals nationwide.
  • that facilitating the movement of healthcare professionals across hospitals is a sensible and pragmatic initiative, especially when urgent staff movement is necessitated in response to a health-related crisis.