Current Initiatives

The Hospital Research Directors Forum and Hospital Research Managers Committees

The Hospital Research Directors Forum (HRDF) and the Hospital Research Managers (HRM) are active committees with membership open to all research active hospitals in Victoria.

These committees were established in 2010-11 with support from Biomedical Research Victoria (BioMedVic) to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sector intelligence between research leaders in the Victorian Hospital community.

The HRDF is currently chaired by Dr Megan Robertson, Director of Research at St Vincent’s Hospital and HRM is currently chaired by Dr Heidi Gaulke, Manager Office for Research at Austin Health.

Victorian Governance Working Group

The translation centres established a working group with state-wide representation to improve research governance processes across the state. The working group is now under the governance of the VRTCC.

Benefits of a state-wide approach include:

  • consistent and proportionate governance process employed by organisations represented by VRTCC, compliant with the National Clinical Trial Governance Framework that will be overseen by the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACQSHC) enhanced transparency/visibility of the clinical research sector and improved ease of conducting research in Victoria
  • increase in clinical research activity and ultimately better health outcomes for Victorians
  • enhancing Victoria’s competitive advantage in attracting clinical trials

​Download the Working Group Terms of Reference and Victorian Research Governance Streamlining Discussion Paper.

To find out more about these initiatives please contact Ms Michelle Iddles: [email protected]