• Culturally Adaptive Governance Framework

    In the hopes to developing a standardised way of enabling organisations and projects to adapt and change in the face of uncertainty and complexity Developing, the project, ‘Culturally Adaptive Governance Framework’ (CAGF), is currently being explored. In doing so, the proposed CAGF empowers and maintains fidelity to everchanging Indigenous knowledge, values, principles, and expertise.

  • Can flash glucose monitoring improve blood glucose control in Indigenous Australians with type 2 diabetes

    Diabetes is a major problem for Indigenous Australians. Currently, monitoring blood glucose levels through frequent painful finger pricks is inconsistent. Flash glucose monitors are easy-to use, new devices worn on the arm providing real-time blood glucose levels to guide treatment. The project team will analyse whether these monitors help Indigenous Australians understand and manage blood glucose levels to avoid downstream complications of diabetes like heart disease and kidney failure.