Project Lead

Catherine Grant

Lead partner

Western Health

MacHSR Future Leaders Fellowship (cohort 1).

One of the biggest barriers we face in being able to provide truly integrated care is the interface between hospital and primary care. This is particularly concerning for those patients living with chronic and complex conditions, where siloed care can have significant negative impacts on healthcare outcomes.

This project, using co-design, aims to determine how we can best address this problem; to facilitate better patient care and health outcomes through bridging this gap between hospitals and primary care.

Read more about the importance of this project to Western Health from A/Prof Harin Karunajeewa.

This project is ongoing, with three co-design workshops planned for 2024. The study design was presented at the Asia Pacific Integrated Care Conference, Sydney, November 2023.

Participation in the Western Melbourne Integrated Care Community of Practice Steering committee has facilitated collaboration with NWPHN and GP integration unit to support this project.