This includes multi-site observational studies, investigator-initiated trials, industry sponsored trials, and health services research interventions. The subcommittee will identify priority areas for research and implement strategies to achieve these. The subcommittee will also provide training opportunities in clinical research for medical, nursing, and allied health staff.

Our other responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating ethical and governance approval within the MACH Infection network
  • Building interest and capacity among advanced trainees from the specialist medical colleges
  • Supporting and collaborating with MACH infectious disease researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to extend, develop and implement the best methods in health/clinical research and policy

The Committee is made up of an Executive (members below) plus a wider Network of researchers and managers. 

Committee Members

  • Associate Professor Steven Tong (Chair), Research Institute Representative, Peter Doherty Institute
    Research Interests: Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associate Infections, Hepatitis, Influenza
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  • Professor Sharon Lewin AOResearch Institute Representative, Peter Doherty Institute 
    Research Interests: Host Pathogens Interactions, Immunology, Viral Infectious Diseases, Hepatitis, HIV
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  • Dr Penny BryantResearch Institute Representative, MCRI 
    Research Interests: Infection and Immunity (Paediatrics)
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  • Professor Karin ThurskyHospital Infection Clinician-Researcher Representative, PeterMacCallum Cancer Centre
    Research Interests: Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associate Infections
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  • Associate Professor Harin KarunajeewaHospital Infection Clinician-Researcher Representative, Western Health
    Research Interests: Clinical Health, Medical Microbiology, Public Health
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  • Professor Paul JohnsonHospital Infection Clinician-Researcher Representative, Austin Health
    Research Interests: Mycobacterium, Hospital Infection Control, Staphylococcus Aureau, Pandemic Influenza
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  • Associate Professor Siddhartha MahantyUniversity of Melbourne Representative
    Research Interests: Host Pathogens Interactions, Malaria, Immunology
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  • Professor Deborah WilliamsonMicrobiology and Immunology Representative, Peter Doherty Institute
    Research Interests: Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associate Infections, Host Pathogens Interactions, Enteric Infections, Emerging Infections
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  • Ms Barbara ScherClinical Trial Nurse Representative, Peter Doherty Institute
    Research Interests: Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associate Infections, Host Pathogens Interactions, Immunology, Viral Infectious Diseases
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  • Professor Lena SanciGeneral Practice Representative, University of Melbourne
    Research Interests: Adolescent Health, Implementation, Co-Design, Prevention, Primary Care
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  • Dr Jeff PresneillIntensive Care Unit Representative, Royal Melbourne Hospital
    Research Interests: Clinical Health, Health and Support Services, Neurosciences, Cardiovascular Medicine and Haematology
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  • Dr David PriceEpidemiology/Biostatistics Representative, University of Melbourne
    Research Interests: Statistics and Mathematical Modelling, Experiment Design (esp in Infection)
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  • Ms Alina TooleyConsumer Representative
    Biography: Alina is a highly experienced health and public policy professional across federal, state and local governments, health care organisations, and has also worked within the industry association sector in advocacy and business development roles. She has an undergraduate degree in Health Service Management and Health Promotion and a Masters in Public Policy and Management. She has a record of innovation, leadership and drive, with approximately 15 years of experience in health and social policy development; project and program management and issues management. Specifically in relation to infectious diseases, Alina worked for 4 years in the Communicable Disease Unit at DHS (now DHHS) as a Senior Project Officer. She is currently a member of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia’s Special Interest Group on Safety and Quality and a Consumer Ward Representative at Frankston Hospital.
  • Ms Michelle IddlesMACH Clinical Trials Representative

For more information on the MACH Infection Subcommittee, please contact Project Officer Nuzha Wazeer :

[email protected]

(03) 8344 6809