Seminar 1: Introduction to Co-Design – what, why, who and how

Presenters: Professor Cathy Vaughan (MISCH Hub, Uni Melbourne)

Increasingly funders require researchers and service providers to ‘co-design’ health interventions with patients or communities. And lots of people claim they are doing it. But what is ‘it’, exactly? Why might it be a useful approach to health research? Who should be involved, and how? This interactive seminar will cover these key questions and discuss common challenges and opportunities for co-design in health research.

When: Thursday 23 February

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Seminar 2: Analysing change from baseline in trials: what is the best approach?

Presenter: Ms Fiona McManus (CHESM, MISCH Hub, Uni Melbourne)

Aimed at non-statisticians, this seminar will present several common approaches to analysing change in outcomes from baseline in randomised controlled trials. Recommended approaches, as well as why other approaches are unsuitable, will be discussed.

When: Thursday 6 April, 12.30-1.30pm

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Seminar 3: Simulating an Adaptive Trial

Presenter: Dr Robert Mahar (MISCH Hub, Uni Melbourne)

Adaptive designs allow trials to reach conclusions quickly and minimise the amount of patients randomised to inferior treatments. Trial power (and sample size) often require simulation because standard power calculations only work for the simplest designs. Statistical simulation studies are familiar to most statisticians, but not most clinicians. This seminar, tailored to a non-statistical audience, provides a gentle introduction to trial simulation for adaptive trial designs.

When: Thursday 11 May, 12.30-1.30pm

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Seminar 4: Cost-utility analysis of health care interventions using clinical trial data – key aspects and case study

Presenter: Dr An Duy Tran and Mr Paul Amores (MISCH Hub, Uni Melbourne)

Cost-utility analysis has been widely used to inform decision about which health care intervention represents value for money. This seminar will present general methods for a cost-utility analysis, emphasizing key aspects in data collection and uncertainty analysis. A case study will be provided to highlight important elements of this technique.

When: Thursday 22 June, 12.30-1.30pm

Where: Online

Seminar 5: Survey Design

Presenter: Professor David Story (Austin Health; Uni Melbourne)

The difficulty of survey research is often underestimated. This seminar will focus on answering the right research questions using brief, need-to-know, user-friendly surveys for accurate and precise results.  

When: Wednesday 19 July, 12.30-1.30pm

Where: Online

Seminar 6: Doing co-design – methods, examples, and practical tips

Presenter: Ms Erin Davis (MISCH Hub; Uni Melbourne)

This session builds on the previous webinar by Professor Cathy Vaughan (see Seminar 1 above) with a focus on the Experience-based Co-design (EBCD) approach. In this interactive webinar, you will learn more about the EBCD stages, methods, resources, and case studies. You will also discover practical tips for project planning, budgeting, and ethics submissions in alignment with co-design principles and mindsets.

When: Thursday 24 August, 12.30-1.30pm

Where: Online