A Project Steering Committee, chaired by Professor Helena Teede, Executive Director of Monash Partners, oversees VCHRI activities. The committee consists of two nominated academic leads from each of the translation centres, an academic GP, and a consumer. The MACH representatives are Professor Wendy Chapman (Chair, Data Driven Healthcare Improvement committee) and Professor Harriet Hiscock (Chair, Health Services Improvement and Implementation committee). The Project Steering Committee reports to the VRTCC Executive Committee.

Download the Terms of Reference for the VCHRI Project Steering Committee here.


The VCHRI program of work consists of three pilot projects that have investigated the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare and the healthcare workforce, and developed a knowledge hub focusing on high value care and telehealth. These pilot projects informed priorities for two larger, collaborative projects which aim to optimise the use of colonoscopy and eliminate low value healthcare practices, and identify models of virtual care suitable for scale-up across Victoria.

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For more information please contact MACH Senior Project Officer Ms Lauren Wallis: [email protected]