Care of the Ageing

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Current visibility of ageing research across the MACH network and beyond is limited both internally and externally to researchers and clinicians seeking information on peers. This limited reach has meant that accessible, high-quality information has not been available to consumers, limiting the reach and impact of research findings and recommendations.

This mapping activity will increase visibility of peers working in complementary areas, enabling opportunities for collaboration and therewith future grant proposals. It will also assist in identifying gaps in research from consumer perspectives. Areas of public interest will be determined from the mapping exercise and translated into plain English articles written for consumers to access research outcomes and recommendations and gain an understanding of research in ageing and aged care. These articles will be freely available via the MACH website.

Mapping of expertise will result in improved opportunities for collaboration and preparation of high-quality grant proposals. The plain English articles will provide visibility of research that is not otherwise easily accessible, constitute a practical resource and empower the public to become knowledgeable and involved in areas that affect them.

Care of the Ageing: Ageing and Aged Care Research Review

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