As Australia’s ageing population increases, the need to adapt models of care we once relied on for the older generation is changing. COVID-19 has had substantial impacts on the aged care system, requiring new solutions and innovation to improve patient care.

This report aims to emphasise the extensive ageing and aged care research across Melbourne  Academic Centre for Health partners which currently run over 440 related clinical trials and almost 700 ageing and aged care related research projects.

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CotA Chair, Professor Andrea Maier, sees the purpose of this report as to “highlight the achievements of ageing and aged care researchers and emphasise the established multidisciplinary Network for ongoing and future generations.”

“The report acts as a starting point, highlighting the breadth, depth and resilience of our Network to answer the ever-changing and complex needs of ageing and aged individuals.”

Professor Sir John Savill, Executive Director of MACH, concurs, “The CotA Network facilitates collaborations with the brightest researchers in the field to respond to issues that are affecting our ageing population and work towards improving the lives of older adults in these most challenging of times.”

MACH’s collaboration of 10 leading public health services, eight medical research institutes, the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University allows us to bring research to life that benefits patients and strengthens the economy.

To see the report and find out more about our extensive ageing and aged care research and further collaboration opportunities, please see the links below.

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Care of the Ageing – Ageing and Aged Care Research Review (Snapshot)

Care of the Ageing – Ageing and Aged Care Research Review

Care of the Ageing – Research List