Project Lead

Dr Farrah Rodrigues


Lead partner

Royal Children’s Hospital

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) has been described as the defining disease of the century. By 2050, 1.31 billion people could be living with diabetes worldwide, with the increase in prevalence (up to 529 million in 2021) driven primarily by T2D. T2D causes life-altering morbidity, high rates of mortality, and interacts with and exacerbates many other diseases. The prevalence of youth living with T2D is also rising globally, leading to an exponential increase in diabetes in a single generation, with lasting effects on the global health of the generations to come.

Despite the global concern, Australian data remains underinformed. The aims of this project are to describe the prevalence of YT2D in Victoria utilising large General Practice data sets and improve early diagnosis of these young people by engaging the stakeholders – general practioners and young people with diabetes. This will occur through the development of a practical algorithm suitable for use within the General Practice platform to systematically facilitate early detection of youth at increased risk of developing T2D and exploring relevant communication pathways to disseminate information to young people that may be affected by this condition.