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Sian Slade


Primary Care

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University of Melbourne

Awareness of loneliness and social isolation as significant public health and wellbeing issues has increased in recent years, along with the development of targeted government and community support programs for affected Australians.

A collaboration with the Australian Disease Management  Association (ADMA), Bolton Clarke Research Institute, Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH), Melbourne School of Population & Global Health (MSPGH), Monash Partners, and the Western Alliance has developed an extensive network of stakeholders researching or developing programs of support for social isolation.

The collaboration commenced with a series of online forums focusing on social isolation and social prescribing in 2020, which were so popular they have continued through 2021. The webinars include a mix of research, learnings from trials and services that have been implemented, provide an opportunity to collate what is being done across Australia, and are open to all healthcare and social care sectors, researchers and policy makers. They provide a great opportunity to hear and liaise with others working or interested in this area.

Beyond the webinars you can visit the ADMA webpage on social isolation and social prescribing with the following subheadings:

Social Prescribing Initiatives: This is dedicated to highlighting Australian social prescribing services or initiatives. These are short snapshots with a view to increasing local service awareness, connectivity and information sharing. As well as reading about other services, you can upload social prescribing initiatives or services here too.

Social Prescribing Resources: This includes links to relevant resources and reports

Social Prescribing Network:  This password protected section includes information from the previous webinars such as links, slides and recordings as well as a database of webinar attendees and contacts (where permission provided) to facilitate networking, information exchange and connection.

e- news bulletins: ADMA circulates a fortnightly bulletin which includes latest publications and resources on social isolation and social prescribing.

To gain access to the network/password protected page and the e news bulletins please contact [email protected]