Project Lead

Dr Suzanne Kapp


Care of the Ageing

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Lead partner

The University of Melbourne


Austin Health

The intervention:
Remote expert wound nurse consultation enabled by an e-health platform Tissue Analytics and which is supported by interdisciplinary tele-health consultation, engagement with family members via videoconferencing and a standardised wound product formulary Mölnlycke Health Care.

Clinical partner:
Regis Aged Care Victorian aged care homes.


  1. Complete a feasibility study to test remote expert nurse consultation for pressure injury prevention and management in residential aged care
  2. Complete an observational study to describe the effect of the intervention on patients, nurses, family members and healthcare services
  3. Develop a machine learning algorithm to develop an artificial intelligence consultation system to support care delivery
  4. Complete a pilot randomised controlled trial to test how procedures will work in future definitive trials to determine the clinical and cost effectiveness of the intervention.

Prevention and quicker healing of pressure injuries, prevention and improved management of infection, capacity building of nurses, enhanced social connection between residents and family members and reduced cost of treatment and care.