Project Lead

Professor Vicki Anderson

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Lead partner

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute


Austin Health; Florey Institute;  Royal Children’s Hospital; University of Melbourne

Project summary

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In the majority of children and adolescents (up to 60 percent) PCS resolve spontaneously within four weeks. Persisting PCS however impede safe return to academic and sport/leisure activities in the remaining 40 percent. Untreated, they can cause low tolerance for academic and sport/leisure activities, and disruptions to education, fitness and mental health. Despite their debilitating impact, PCS management is inconsistent and the few clinical trials conducted fail to account for individual symptom profiles.

The overarching objective of our study is to halve the rate of children with persisting PCS at three months post-injury by delivering Concussion Essentials (CE), an evidence-based, personalised medicine intervention.

CE is an innovative, multimodal intervention, integrating acute management, novel technologies and symptom-targeted treatment to accelerate PCS recovery and safe return to normal activities. CE was developed to be delivered within the Medicare Better Access program, and so will be readily accessible throughout the community. We have established clinical, industry, national and international peak body partnerships to ensure effective translation of our findings into routine practice.

Our pilot data is promising: 85 percent of children receiving CE showed symptom resolution and return to activity by three months (compared to 30 percent of UC participants), suggesting that CE can reduce missed school and parent workdays, prevent secondary mental health problems and provide an integrated, accessible, cost-effective treatment.