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Professor David Thorburn

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MACH Omics

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Lead partner

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI)


University of Melbourne, Bio21 Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS)

Other partners: Australian Genomics, Centre for Population Genomics (CPG)

We will generate matched omic datasets (genomics, RNAseq, proteomics) on undiagnosed patients from two well characterised cohorts of patients with rare diseases. This will enable integrated patient-specific analysis across DNA, RNA and protein.

Cohort 1 is drawn from ~400 patients with mitochondrial diseases recruited clinically or via Australian Genomics in which ~100 remain unsolved after genomic sequencing.

Cohort 2 will be drawn from the “RDNow” cohort of ~300 unsolved cases with genomic sequencing, representing a wide range of rare diseases. Approximately 60% will be selected for multi-omic studies based on lack of leads or the likelihood that additional omics will resolve the diagnosis.

Patients will have either cell lines or lymphocyte pellets (PBMC) available for RNAseq and proteomics. We have collected PBMCs from ~40 healthy children aged 3 months to 17 years from the RCH HappiKids project for use as controls.

Data from genomic & RNAseq analysis (via MCRI/VCGS) and proteomic analyses (via Bio21) will be ingested into “PSIkick” to enable multi-omic analyses and visualisation of all three datasets side by side. In partnership with the Centre for Population Genomics, we will develop new approaches for deepening the computational integration of multi-omic data for gene discovery and understanding pathomechanisms.

  • We will demonstrate the feasibility and utility of integrating multiple Omic technologies into a single pipeline suitable for translation into mainstream laboratory diagnostics.
  • Improved diagnostic rates and earlier diagnoses will enable precision care and provision of reproductive options to affected families. This has been a huge challenge for inherited rare disease as more than 6000 different rare diseases are known, each affecting fewer than 1 in 2000 individuals but collectively affecting at least 1 in 20 individuals, corresponding to over 15,000 births per year in Australia. The majority of these patients undergo a lengthy diagnostic odyssey that has significant health and economic implications to both the individuals and society more broadly.
  • Identification of biomarkers and pathomechanisms will guide the use of existing treatments, participation in clinical trials (with small molecule or genetic therapies) and preclinical studies.

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Clinical and Australian Genomics cohort

  • Thorburn, Christodoulou (MCRI, Australian Genomics)

RDNow cohort

  • White, Thorburn, Christodoulou (RCH, VCGS, MCRI)

Genomics and Transcriptomics facility and expertise

  • Lunke, Sadedin (VCGS), MacArthur, Simons (CPG)

Proteomics facility and expertise

  • Stroud (Bio21)

Metabolomics facility and expertise

  • McConville (Metabolomics Australia, Bio21), Stojanovski (Bio21)

Computational Integration

  • Simons, MacArthur (CPG), Stroud (Bio21)