Project Lead

Associate Professor Craig Nelson

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The University of Melbourne


Western Health

Altona North Medical Centre

Project summary

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This project has two main aims.

  • ​Use health professional and consumer co-design to develop a technology platform (“Future Health Today”) which will be used in general practice for a quality improvement program consisting of audit, feedback and clinical decision support for chronic disease screening, diagnosis and management.
  • Implement and evaluate Future Health Today in ‘real world’ general practice.

The goal of FHT is to create a new standard-of-care in primary care for patients at risk, or diagnosed with chronic diseases, focused on chronic kidney disease (CKD), type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It will do this by designing and testing an e-technology prototype, a novel platform to extract primary care performance data for clinical audit and decision support to facilitate chronic disease prevention, management and quality improvement.  FHT e-technology will translate learnings from our previous projects EMAP-CKD (2012-2014) and CD IMPACT programs (first pilot 2016-2018), which resulted in improvements in documented disease diagnosis and management utilising small scale delivery methods.

FHT will adapt these programs to enable our quality improvement programs to be delivered at scale into the healthcare system, driving systemic and cultural changes to clinical practice, through an implementation science approach. The initial prototype development and testing will focus on CKD detection and management as a proof of concept.

This study will produce a scalable technology which will enable general practices to provide evidence-based, timely management to people at risk of, or who have, chronic disease in order to optimise health and improve quality of life.

Expansion activities include establishing a randomised clinical trial using the prototype developed in the original project include ongoing technology development and revision of the trial protocol based on findings from the pilot.

  • Manski-Nankervis J, Alexander K, Biezen R, Jones J, Hunter B, Emery J, Lumsden N, Boyle D, Gunn J, McMorrow R, Prictor M, Taylor M, Hallinan C, Chondros P, Janus E, McIntosh J, Nelson C (2021) Towards optimising chronic kidney disease detection and management in primary care: Underlying theory and protocol for technology development using an Integrated Knowledge Translation approach. Health Informatics Journal. Doi: 1177/14604582211008227


  • Hunter B, Biezen R, Alexander K, Lumsden N, Hallinan C, Wood A, McMorrow R, Jones J, Nelson C, Manski-Nankervis J (2020) Future Health Today: Co-design of an electronic chronic disease quality improvement tool for use in general practice using a service design approach. BMJ Open2020;10: doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-040228


This project is an initiative of the Future Health Today program. To find out more, visit or contact [email protected]