Project Lead

Dr Ashley McAllister

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Lead partner

The University of Melbourne


Melbourne Health, Northern Health

Project summary

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The study will provide information about how recent increases in the availability of care workers has led to changes in the health outcomes of people with disabilities. In addition, the research will also provide an in-depth exploration of how healthcare workers can facilitate improved health, economic and social outcomes of PWD.

The project will also address the capacity and production gap in primary care studies by developing a partnership between general and allied health practice and researchers, which will contribute to new service models benefitting both healthcare workers and PWD. This scoping study will strengthen community participation by working with key consumer groups such as PWD, hospitals, other health service providers, and Universities.

This study will provide information on the quality of work experienced by the healthcare workforce over time, as well as an understanding of how the nature of this employment may be related to outcomes for both healthcare workers and PWD. This is important information for the training of the workforce and for increasing knowledge about the impacts of care on the wellbeing of PWD and inform improvements in service delivery.