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Allied Health – Translating Research into Practice (AH-TRIP)

Queensland Health

AH-TRIP provides a training program and videos on planning change, identifying a clinical issue, choosing theories and frameworks, implementation, identifying stakeholders, evaluation, sustainability and more.






CES Guide to Implementation

The Centre for Effective Services

This guide covers implementation planning and how to put a plan into action; the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’.







Clinical effectiveness: Resources and Learning

The Centre for Effective Services

Planning tools and an implementation guide to support those involved in the development and implementation of National Clinical Guidelines.





Dissemination & Implementation Models in Health Research & Practice

University of Colorado, Washington University & University of California San Diego

A webtool that steps users through implementation and dissemination theories and frameworks as well as how to plan, select, combine, adapt, use and measure approaches in unique contexts.





Implementation in action: A guide to implementing evidence-informed programs and practices

Australian Institute of Family Studies

This guide on implementation provides practical considerations and contextualises key ideas for the child and family service sector. It covers planning, implementation strategies, outcomes and suggestions for measurement, as well as how to refine, sustain and scale your project.





TDR implementation research toolkit

The Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases

This knowledge hub provides a quick overview of tools, resources and guidance across implementation topics such as dissemination, de-implementation, sustainability and stakeholder engagement.





Implementation science research and practice tools

National Cancer Institute

Open access eLearning modules in video format. It covers implementation research and practice tools including measures, research approaches, implementation strategies, adaption and fidelity.






W Implementation Science Resource Hub

University of Washington

A step-by-step guide to implementation research, with resources on framing research questions, how to pick a theory, model or framework, selecting research methods, study designs and more.



Quality Improvement Academy

NSW Health

The Improvement Science Step by Step Guide is a 11-page resource summarising 14 steps to plan, undertake and measure an improvement project and rules for interpreting run charts. This includes steps to explore the problem being addressed as well as scaling, sustaining and spreading change.

Also includes a collection of related tools and how to use them.




The Registry of Methods and Tools for Evidence-Informed Decision Making

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

A searchable online collection of evidence-informed methods and tools for knowledge translation in public health.


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