• MACH Biobank Registry

    The MACH Biobank Registry features information on collection types, materials stored and contact information for access to biobanking facilities across MACH partner organisations.

  • MACH Omics Resource Directory

    A collection of omics-related tools, technologies, laboratories, and services offered by facilities and centres across MACH-affiliated research organisations.

  • MACH Clinical and Research Dataset Catalogue

    There are many valuable clinical and research datasets hosted within MACH organisations. Some are well known registries, but others are unknown outside their host institution. Discovery and access to these datasets by researchers and clinicians could lead to improved health outcomes for all Australians. MACH aims to foster data-driven healthcare improvement, and supports collaborative activities … Read more

  • Teletrials Toolkit

    Adaptable resources developed by the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre providing guidance assist with implementing legislation, regulations and guidelines for conducting clinical research through teletrials (links to the VCCC website).

  • MACH Research Collaboration Agreement

    An agreement for individual research projects (non-commercial) involving two or more MACH Group parties that have no particular lead or coordinating party in respect of any research collaboration for which it is used.

  • Investigator-Initiated Trials Toolkit

    A suite of resources to support researchers conducting investigator-initiated trials developed by the MACH with the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (links to the VCCC website).