• Victorian Clinical Trials Education Centre (V-CTEC)

    V-CTEC will see the establishment of a not-for-profit, Victoria wide, member-based education centre, with a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) hosting a suite of evidence- based, interactive clinical trials education opportunities suitable for a range of learning needs.

  • Biostatistical Support Clinics

    Biostatistical consultation is critical in the proposal design, especially if an adaptive or complex methodology is being considered. The MACH Clinical Trials Committee identified a need for the provision of FREE biostatistical clinics

  • Safety and Rescue

    Health professionals must maintain currency in a range of competencies such as hand hygiene, basic life support, and safe handling of blood. If they move from one hospital to another, proving they have recently completed these courses is a laborious process. To automate this process, MACH and a technology specialist Androgogic are creating a software solution that stores the completion dates of these courses for all healthcare professionals working at Austin Health and Eastin Health.