• Future leaders of nursing and midwifery

    Line drawing of two nurses in protective masks walking and talking.

    Our Future Leaders programs are offering rare opportunities for nurses and midwives to access dedicated research time while continuing their clinical work – driving research translation and improved patient outcomes across clinical disciplines.

  • Increasing HSR skills at the frontline

    Head and shoulders profile shot of Harriet Hiscock.

    In 2022, our first cohort of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals commenced their MacHSR Future Leaders Fellowship journey and are now using health services research to explore evidence-based solutions to practical healthcare problems. Balancing clinical and research work Brit Gordon, Chief Allied Health Officer and MacHSR Lead at Austin Health, says the Fellowship is … Read more

  • MacHSR Profile: Catherine Grant and A/Prof Harin Karunajeewa

    Tell us about your project. Catherine Grant: One of the biggest barriers we face in being able to provide truly integrated care is the interface between hospital and primary care. This is particularly concerning for those patients living with chronic and complex conditions, where siloed care can have significant negative impacts on healthcare outcomes.  My … Read more

  • MacHSR Profile: Dr Anne Harrison and Prof Stephen Tong

    Tell us about your project. Dr Anne Harrison: This research project will investigate the lack of engagement of admitted patients and carers with the REACH (Recognise, Engage, Act, Call, Help) inpatient/carer-activated, escalation process for concerns about inpatient clinical care or health status. This patient/carer escalation process is important because research suggests that empowering patients, families/carers … Read more

  • Building Health Services Research expertise in front-line clinicians

    This group of front-line clinicians will use Health Services Research (HSR) to solve practical care-delivery problems impacting their health services. Throughout the 12-month program each Fellow will be released from clinical duties for one day per week to upskill in HSR through mentorship and formal training, while also working on their own research project. The … Read more

  • MacHSR Future Leaders Fellowship program

    Health Services Research training fellowships for established front-line clinical staff, commencing July 2022. Applications must be submitted by 9am, 21st March 2022. Full details can be found here.