• MACH EMCR Research Design Webinar Series 2024

    MACH is pleased to present a six-part webinar series exploring research design tailored specifically for early and mid-career researchers. The series will be conducted by experts from the University of Melbourne’s Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health research Hub (MISCH) team and invited speakers from Centre for Digital Transformation of Health.

  • Increasing HSR skills at the frontline

    Head and shoulders profile shot of Harriet Hiscock.

    In 2022, our first cohort of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals commenced their MacHSR Future Leaders Fellowship journey and are now using health services research to explore evidence-based solutions to practical healthcare problems. Balancing clinical and research work Brit Gordon, Chief Allied Health Officer and MacHSR Lead at Austin Health, says the Fellowship is … Read more

  • Detecting and managing chronic disease early

    Head and shoulders shot of a GP talking to a patient in a consultation room.

    Chronic disease rates are on the rise and, over the last 10 years at Western Health, the care dialysis population has grown from 65 to 400. “That’s why we need people to get tested and treated early,” says Associate Professor Craig Nelson, Future Health Today co-lead and Head of Nephrology at Western Health. Statistics like … Read more

  • Becoming Digital in Health Sciences Research

    It’s been a long time coming, and it may have taken a pandemic, but digital disruption in health has arrived. What does this mean for research in the health sciences? Digital Health is where technology meets people. From AI to wearables, mobile devices and apps, new technologies offer opportunities to transform models of care, support … Read more

  • The beginning of a major revolution in how we tackle Alzheimer’s disease

    A/Prof Wijngaarden’s research uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology, which was first developed by NASA engineers to image Earth from space, to provide detailed information about the minerals in the soil and to map plant life. The team has adapted this technology to scan the retina of the eye as a way to detect signs of … Read more

  • Funding awarded


    MACH is supporting an MRFF grant allowing MACH Care of the Ageing Committee’s Dr Suzanne Kapp to tackle the rise of pressure injuries in aged care.

  • Funding awarded for e-health intervention for pressure injuries in aged care

    Pressure injuries (bed sores) affect up to 28% of aged care residents and cost the health system AU$983 million per annum. MACH is supporting a recently awarded Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund grant of $376,800, which will allow MACH Care of the Ageing Committee’s Dr Suzanne Kapp tackle the rise of pressure injuries in aged care. Dr Kapp is … Read more